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Prayer Request
Deliverance of the Congress and Senate of deserters who are not accurately representing the United State Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

America to keep her freedom with responsibility. 

For schools to be truthful in the teaching Of US History. 

For repentance and revival Dan. 9, 10 and 2 Chron. 7:14. We confess our sins and the sins of our Nation. 

Patty’s Message                 


It is hard to believe we’re in the 19th year after the beginning of the 20th century. Much has taken place in the last 19 years. The 911, and escalation of violence in America. But the worst is a nation turning away from faith in Jesus. We have turned our back on Judeo-Christian values and have legalized same sex marriage, marijuana in many States.

We have put our enemies into the Congress and Senate. We are becoming more alike those found in Judges 1:25. They did what was right in their own

eyes. There was no law. Each had his or her own version of what was right. If we had no standard measure in building each engineer would have their own. So with no standard measure for building we have chaos. So too when there is no moral standard. All becomes chaotic. God gave us a pattern to live by so there could be peace in the land. The 10 Commandments are not suggestions but commands. 

​​Let us this year, as a Church, repent and call on God and turn away from sin, confess our sins and those of America. When we do this, God hears and all turns around. 2 Chron. 7:14. We will be wiser, healthier, and have our needs met.

In Matt. 6:33 it states to seek God’s Kingdom first and then all needs are met. God our Father knows our needs even before we ask. Let us bow down and take time to worship our Heavenly Father and listen to hear His voice. Reading your Bible will bring answers. God will always speak to us through His Word. Three chapters a day will let you to read through the entire Bible in a year.

Let us all make a plan to: 1) pray
2) read the Bible
3) fellowship with other believers
4) and worship our Savior. This will bring answers, direction, and God’s peace.

Happy New Year and may God’s richest blessings fall ​​on you and your family. 

​​In His service



Gen. 1-3. Matt. 5,6 Ex. 1-3. Mark 16 Psm. 91 & 101 Phil. 4 Mail. 3,4. Rev. 12