Patty Wimmers Ministries


 We have heard the idea that life began in the sea. From their creatures climbed onto the land, so here we are today. Do you see the possible reason for this. An endeavor is to drill a hole in the ice covering one the moons of Jupiter. Are scientists still trying to disprove the Bible?

It has been reasoned that their is an ocean of water underneath ice covering Europa. Here is where this came from. If life began in the ocean, then there is a good chance life exists under Europa. So why not have a probe drill through the ice. Question? At the present time the ice sheet is present in the Antartica being drilled to a depth of 3,000 feet. As of November, the drill had reached over 1500 feet into the ice sheet. What are they looking for? Micro organisms. The core of the drill will contain ice age at different levels beneath the ice and also a look into the past. My Biblical research would say that when God created the oceans on Earth, the water was warm so that ocean life would be created. Oceans below frozen ice shelf’s would be two cold to form life. Now in January of this year, scientists in retracting the drill have discovered life forms dating thousands of years past.